Take Action TODAY to Support Our Schools!

It takes just TWO minutes of your time (on Wednesday, June 13th OR Thursday, June 14th)  to help AYPAL and the Campaign for a Quality Education (CQE)  fight for a better school funding system for California!

Passing a “Weighted Student Formula” will bring California out of an outdated, complicated and inequitable school funding system by giving more money to school districts that serve more low-income and immigrant students.

Check out the facts:
* Oakland Unified could gain an additional $105 million if passed
* San Francisco Unified could gain $170 million more
* Los Angeles Unified could gain $1.9 BILLION more

Call information:

Member Capitol Phone # District Phone # Leadership Role
1. Senate Pro Tem
Darrell Steinberg
(916) 651-4006 (916) 651-1529 Senate Leader (“pro tempore”)
2. Assembly Speaker John Pérez (916) 319-2046 (213) 620-4646 Assembly Leader (“Speaker”)
3. Governor Jerry Brown (916) 445-2841 Governor

Sample script for making the calls:

1.     Hi, my name is ____ and I’m from ____(city, organization).

2.      I’m calling today because I strongly believe that [Speaker Perez /or Senate Pro Tem Steinberg] needs to push the Legislature to work with Governor Brown to pass a fair school funding formula this year – by including the Governor’s proposal for a “weighted student formula” in the final 2012-2013 Budget.

3.      The “weighted student formula” is a good idea for California because it is a  fair and equitable way to give money to our state’s schools.

4.      However, we must have a strong accountability system in place that will guarantee that the additional “weights” or funding will be spent on English Language Learners and low-income students that need it the most.

5.    We must also make sure that parent site and advisory councils still have a voice and have rights when it comes to local-control and decision-making in this process.

6.  If the “weighted student formula” doesn’t make it in the Budget, we urge leadership to keep it on the front burner and get into policy this session!

7.      As the [Speaker of the Assembly/Senate], I hope that [Speaker Perez  /or Senate Pro Tem Steinberg] will push to make a weighted student formula” happen this year.

8.       Thank you for getting this message to [Speaker Perez /or Senate Pro Tem Steinberg].

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Thank you in advance for your support!