coalition wins big in fight against displacement!

Earlier this year, the Oakland A’s proposed building a new stadium on Peralta Community College School District land at the center of East Lake, Laney College, and Chinatown. AYPAL youth, as part of the Stay The Right Way Coalition, put pressure by showing up to board meetings, creating media, holding rally’s, and advocating against the proposal to the Peralta Board pushing them to say NO DEAL to the A’s on selling or leasing public land to private corporations. This stadium would have added to growing displacement in our neighborhoods, impacted education for our Community College and OUSD students, and disrupted our lives. It’s a HUGE win for the community that we were able to push the Board to tell the A’s organization to stop plans to build on this land, which they did on December 5th 2017! Many shouts out to the APEN, coalition members, Laney Students and Faculty, and the community on our work towards this victory! We won’t stop! #WeHere


Check out profiles of youth involved in this campaign below, many highlights can be found on AYPAL and Stay The Right Way’s Facebook Page’s below:



Stay The Right Way Coalition Page