Family Resource Day is This Saturday!

Family Resource Day AYPAL for website


We invite you to Family Resource Day 11am-4pm on Saturday, March 28, 2015. We will start with an open house and tour of Asian Health Services Youth Program (AHSYP), AYPAL: Building API Community Power, Banteay Srei, and The Spot Youth Center at 299 13th Street, Oakland 94606 from 11am – 12:30pm. Following the tour, parents will be able to learn about community services, including housing, employment, mental and behavior health care, and more at the resource fair located at Family Bridge’s Club House two blocks away from 1-4pm. This event is open to the public! Snacks and refreshments will be provided and all ages are welcome!


Family Resource Day aims to:

+ Create a positive and safe inter-generational space for our youth and families;

+ Connect Oakland parents and families to resources in their community;


+ Engage parents to learn about Asian Health Services Youth Program, AYPAL, Banteay Srei and The Spot Youth Center.

AYPAL Youth Choose New Campaign: Community Owned/Based Aquaponics System

For the past year, AYPAL youth, staff, and alumni have been engaged in coalition building, intense political education, and decision making processes to land on a campaign that will guide our work for the near future.

hang program

Our youth have intentionally built with community partners at the Spot, the HANG Program, Movement Generation, Planting Justice, and Veggi Farmers Co-operative (New Orleans) to inform our process and to educate our youth about food systems, permaculture design, ecological justice, and resiliency based organizing.



Our AYPAL staff and youth alumni were crucial in engaging with this process through setting possible campaign trajectories (including an AYPAL Food Truck!), and informing it with more than 20 decades of collective organizing experience.




On Monday, March 2, 2015 sixteen youth interns from VOYCE and SEAYCA came together to pick the next campaign that AYPAL will take on. They landed on creating a community owned, Oakland based, aquaponics farm that would not only act as a locus point for intergenerational organizing work but also provide nutritious food, health education, and jobs for youth that come through our program.


Stay tuned for more exciting developments! We are excited for what the future holds for us!!


AYPAL Youth Kick Off May Arts Season with Swag

This past weekend, over 50 youth came together to break bread, build community, and kick off this years May Arts Season.

Capture the flag was played, water fights were had, and bonds were made in the spirit of building collective power for our liberation rooted in love.

Our Filipino, Khmer, Chinese, Vietnamese, Black, Latino, Mien, and Korean youth showed up hard! Can’t wait to see what cultural and contemporary art forms they perform at our May Arts Showcase in two months!

aypal social 09ylo social spring 15 04 ylo social spring 15 05 ylo social spring 15 07ylo social spring 15 06 ylo social spring 15 08

ylo social spring 15 03 IMG_3119ylo social spring 15 02

ylo social spring 15

Photos Courtesy of Phillip Rama & Sam Jung

AYPAL at Reclaim MLK Weekend


AYPAL joined the thousands who demonstrated across the nation to reclaim Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy this past weekend. We rolled with the Third World Resistance for Black Power contingency for actions taking place from the Federal Building to the streets of East Oakland to highlight MLK’s commitment to justice around the globe through his internationalist politics. Check out the pictures below, which includes a video of AYPAL youth doing a spoken word piece on Third World Resistance for Black Power on Friday January 16h during the shut down of the Ron V. Dellums Federal Building rally!
















With the grand jury non-indictments of the police killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, Asian and Pacific Islanders locally and across the country are taking action and showing solidarity. AYPAL operates understanding the ways in which our struggles are connected; all lives won’t matter until Black lives matter.

As Asian Americans assigned to a middle agent role of maintaining the status quo of anti-Black racism, it is that much more important that we stand up for our African heritage brothers and sisters. Growing up in Oakland and the Bay Area, many of the youth in AYPAL experience the racial tensions this society depends on in order to maintain the current power structure. Our plan is to expose this type of set -up for what it is, and take action. In the coming weeks, AYPAL youth with be plugged into and planning their own youth friendly actions to demonstrate AYPAL’s stance on this issue. AYPAL supports and operates in solidarity with all communities impacted by social oppression and will continue to collectively respond to injustice everywhere.

We’ve moved (close by)

From 1218 Harrison down the block to:


1238 Harrison

Oakland, CA 94612


More Update’s to COME!

AYPAL May Arts Festival 2014!

On Thursday, May 15th, please join the AYPAL family as we celebrate 16 years of arts activism that has helped our communities thrive in the face of oppression and violence.

MAY ARTS Flyer 2014

Fighting For Fair School Funding in CA: Take Action THIS WEEK!

For the past year, AYPAL and the Campaign for Quality Education (CQE) coalition have been pushing for the timely passage of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) by the state budget deadline of June 30th, 2013.  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to make this goal a reality!

For more information on LCFF and to sign our petition, go HERE!

cqe pic

Use ANY of the following TWITTER messages AND handles May 20th – May 24th 2013!


@SenRicardoLara: Don’t water down #LCFF. Keep equity, keep weighted formula, keep concentration grants #EquityNow


  1. Don’t water down #LCFF. Keep equity, keep weighted formula, keep concentration grants #EquityNow
  2. All CA students deserve an education that prepares for college & careers, whether poor, EL, or not #WheresOurFuture #LCFF
  3.  #LCFF in this budget! #WheresOurFuture Equitable funding for low-income, EL and foster youth is best for CA #EquityNow

ON TUESDAY, 5/21: Support our CQE Day of Action at the Capitol by tweeting BOTH our CA Senators and Assembly Members! Who to target:

Darrell Steinberg:@proTemSteinberg                   John A. Perez:@SpeakerPerez

ON THURSDAY, 5/23: Tweet our CA Senators:

Darrell Steinberg:@proTemSteinberg                    Mark Leno: @MarkLeno                               Hannah Beth-Jackson: @SenHannahBeth            Ricardo Lara: @SenRicardoLara                          Lou Correa: @SenLouCorrea                               Bob Huff: @bobhuff99                                      Kevin De Leon: @kdleon                                          Alex Padilla: @Alex_Padilla

ON FRIDAY, 5/24: Tweet our CA Assembly Members:

John A. Perez:@SpeakerPerez                                 Susan Bonilla: @ASMSusanBonilla                      Rocky Chavez:@AsmRocky                                      Rob Bonta: @RobBonta                                              Phil Ting: @PhilTing                                                Isadore Hall:@isadorehall                                        Steven Bradford:@GardenaSteve                           Curren Price: @currenpricejr

During the CQE’s Week of Social Media Action, we must let our state’s legislators know that it’s time for California schools to become a great equalizer. Low-income and EL students have been suffering for too long in our state. We must fund equity now – our futures cannot wait!

Presenting AYPAL’s 15th Annual May Arts Festival

flier1v4 copy

For the past 15 years, AYPAL has been committed to building resiliency and transformative youth power through the arts.

On Thursday, May 16th, please join the AYPAL family as we celebrate 15 years of arts activism that has helped our communities thrive in the face of oppression and violence.

Cultural performances will include Mien, Cambodian, and Chinese Fan Dance to Filipino Tinikling, Spoken Word, Guerilla Theatre, and hip-hop routines all showcasing AYPAL Youth!

Doors open at 5:30pm, and the show starts at 6:00pm at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center located at 388 9th St. Suite 209, Oakland, CA 94607.

$3 entry for youth, and $5-$20 entry for Adults but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Please bring you checkbook to participate in our silent auction!

For more information please e-mail, or visit our “AYPAL Oakland” Facebook page.


Isang Mahal (One Love).


*Co-sponsored by the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

*Special Thanks to our funders:

Akonadi Foundation

The California Endowment

The Clorox Company Foundation

Grousbeck Family Foundation

Oakland Fund for Children and Youth

Penney Family Fund

Victor and Lorraine Honig Fund

AYPAL’s Powerful Learning

AYPAL's Powerful Learning

The University of California, Los Angeles’ Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access recently conducted a longitudinal report on AYPAL’s leadership development and community organizing program. The report, POWERFUL LEARNING: AYPAL’s Impact on the Educational and Civic Pathways of Youth Members, highlights AYPAL’s role in developing civically engaged young adults. Below is an excerpt of the report, which can be downloaded here.

“AYPAL alumni remain committed to impacting change that benefits their communities, schools, and societies at large, as many continue to be highly engaged civic actors in their neighborhoods, their college campuses, and even in national advocacy efforts. For example, rather than striving only for individual mobility by fleeing their communities, members often express commitment to transforming their communities.”

Get it! AYPAL’s Know History, Know Self Sweatshirts

WHAT? You want to rep AYPAL’s “Know History, Know Self” sweatshirt? 

  • Visit AYPAL’s new office at: 1218 Harrison Street @ 12th Street
  • Open 9-5PM Monday-Friday. Call (510) 788-4532 or email to schedule a time to come by
  • We can accept cash, check or credit card (with a small surcharge of 3% for all check and credit card transactions)
  • Youth Donation: Crewnecks: $20 / Hoodies: $25. Adult Donation: Crewnecks: $25 / Hoodies: $30


AYPAL’s Voter Guide for November 2012!

Need more information on the California Ballot Propositions? Check out our voter guide and ally resources below!

Prop 30 – YES!
Increases funding for public education, health care and more by making sure that the richest 1% of Californians pay their fair share in taxes.

Prop 31 – NO
Would greatly expand the authority of the governor to cut or eliminate existing programs in the budget, while potentially causing deeper cuts to education and important public services.

Prop 32 – NO
A deceptive initiative that would allow corporations to increase their political power while silencing the voices of workers in elections.

Prop 33 – NO
Gives auto insurance companies the green light to raise car insurance prices on students, the elderly, and many other Californians that can’t afford consistent coverage.

Prop 36 – YES
Reduces prison overcrowding by reforming the current Three Strikes law to focus on serious and violent offenses.

Prop 37 – YES
We have the right to know how our food is being grown. Prop 37 would require food that has genetically engineered ingredients to be clearly labeled before being sold in California.

Prop 39 – YES
Would close a tax loophole that allows out-of-state companies to pay less in taxes. Money generated by Prop 39 would go towards energy efficiency projects and clean energy jobs in California.

Prop 40 – YES
Would make sure that the Citizens Redistricting Commission’s plan for the new State Senate boundaries stays in place.

For more information on the CA propositions, check out APEN and Mobilize the Immigrant Vote’s voter guides in  English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Lao!

AYPAL’s 1st Annual Family Empowerment Summit

AYPAL’s 1st Annual Family Empowerment Summit educated API youth and their parents about our immigrant communities’ voting rights and the (more…)

AYPAL’s 1st Annual Family Empowerment Summit – October 21

go back-to-school with AYPAL


In 1960, 6-year-old Ruby Bridges became one of the first African Americans to attend an all white elementary school in the South.

The image of this little girl walking into her new school amidst protestors and protected by the National Guard is imprinted in the country’s collective conscience.

But, the struggle for educational justice for all our children continues.

AYPAL is committed to that movement. In honor of this important year in our country’s history, we ask that you become one of {60} Supporters  and sustain our efforts to transform the educational system in Oakland and statewide.

CLICK HERE to sustain the educational justice work of AYPAL and donate $5+ a month for a year. 

VISIT OUR WEBSITE to learn more about our work.

AYPAL Youth Video: What is Mien?

Youth and staff are enjoying some time off before AYPAL’s summer program starts up. In the meantime, check out this AYPAL video produced by our young people for this year’s May Arts Festival!

Take Action TODAY to Support Our Schools!

It takes just TWO minutes of your time (on Wednesday, June 13th OR Thursday, June 14th)  to help AYPAL and the Campaign for a Quality Education (CQE)  fight for a better school funding system for California!

Passing a “Weighted Student Formula” will bring California out of an outdated, complicated and inequitable school funding system by giving more money to school districts that serve more low-income and immigrant students.

Check out the facts:
* Oakland Unified could gain an additional $105 million if passed
* San Francisco Unified could gain $170 million more
* Los Angeles Unified could gain $1.9 BILLION more

Call information:

Member Capitol Phone # District Phone # Leadership Role
1. Senate Pro Tem
Darrell Steinberg
(916) 651-4006 (916) 651-1529 Senate Leader (“pro tempore”)
2. Assembly Speaker John Pérez (916) 319-2046 (213) 620-4646 Assembly Leader (“Speaker”)
3. Governor Jerry Brown (916) 445-2841 Governor

Sample script for making the calls:

1.     Hi, my name is ____ and I’m from ____(city, organization).

2.      I’m calling today because I strongly believe that [Speaker Perez /or Senate Pro Tem Steinberg] needs to push the Legislature to work with Governor Brown to pass a fair school funding formula this year – by including the Governor’s proposal for a “weighted student formula” in the final 2012-2013 Budget.

3.      The “weighted student formula” is a good idea for California because it is a  fair and equitable way to give money to our state’s schools.

4.      However, we must have a strong accountability system in place that will guarantee that the additional “weights” or funding will be spent on English Language Learners and low-income students that need it the most.

5.    We must also make sure that parent site and advisory councils still have a voice and have rights when it comes to local-control and decision-making in this process.

6.  If the “weighted student formula” doesn’t make it in the Budget, we urge leadership to keep it on the front burner and get into policy this session!

7.      As the [Speaker of the Assembly/Senate], I hope that [Speaker Perez  /or Senate Pro Tem Steinberg] will push to make a weighted student formula” happen this year.

8.       Thank you for getting this message to [Speaker Perez /or Senate Pro Tem Steinberg].

Follow our work by “liking” our page on Facebook!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Slow Down! Support AYPAL and get your car washed!


AYPAL’s SEAYCA Youth  are raising money to
fund our Cultural Arts Programming! 
Come out to get your car washed & have fun in the sun!


Located in Oakland’s Laurel District
3530 MacArthur Blvd
Btwn 35th Ave & Magee Ave
Oakland, CA 94619


SATURDAY, JUNE 9th, 2012
Hours: 9am-5pm

How Much:

AYPAL’s SEAYCA (Southeast Asian Youth Community in Action)
Youth will wash your car!

Small Cars: $7
Big Cars: $10

Food & Snacks for sale too! 
$3-$5 Sliding scale donations


If you are unable to make it to the fundraiser & would still like to support, please consider making a donation to AYPAL online!AYPAL WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF OUR

*Flier design: Diana Le & Tommy Phan, AYPAL SEAYCA Youth Leaders

MAY ARTS FESTIVAL SUCCESS: Congratulations to all our young performers and organizers!

500+ friends, family members, teachers, community allies in the audience.

15 youth spoken word artists spitting fire

5 cultural dances proudly performed including Mien, Cambodian flute, Chinese fan and ribbon, Filipino candle and hip-hop

$2500+ raised to support our work

1 powerful Ethnic Studies professor Patrick Camangian sharing some knowledge

Created with flickr slideshow.

Weighted Student Formula – A step toward educational funding equity

“This budget proposal is important because due to budget cuts, my school has resorted to constructing portables that have created an unhealthy and jail-like environment…and has a supply of unsteady counselors which leaves my graduating class of 2012 to less than 10. Half of them are not prepared to continue higher education…because they are unprepared to bounce back…and can barely manage their current settings.”
– Sweet-Jody Diala, AYPAL Youth

Picture this scene: Ten to fifteen young leaders step up one at a time to speak out about poor school conditions and the need for a new school funding formula in front of a panel of California lawmakers. Now imagine that these young leaders are some of the only voices in the room that represent students from large, urban school districts that are predominantly low-income youth of color.

This was the scene that AYPAL and the Campaign for Quality Education (CQE) coalition faced when we testified at the Senate and Assembly Budget subcommittees on education finance in February and March of this year. Despite much push-back from smaller, more rural, and more affluent school districts, we advocated strongly for a “weighted student formula” that would increase funding for low-income and English Language Learner (ELL) students. Without a new method to increase equity, accountability, and adequacy in our school finance system, many immigrant and low-income youth of color will continue to be under-prepared to graduate high school and/or attend college.

This spring, AYPAL will be working with the rest of the CQE coalition to demand that the California legislature and our Governor work together to create a new school funding formula that addresses the needs of our state’s neediest students. Stay tuned for future announcements on those upcoming actions in May!

LIKE CQE’s Facebook campaign to get up to date information:

Senate hearing:

Assembly hearing:


Showcasing: API Cultural Dances, Theater of the Oppressed,
Hip Hop, Spoken Word, 
and of course & Our Annual SILENT AUCTION!
Co-sponsored by the Oakland Asian Cultural Center and The SPOT

Oakland Asian Cultural Center
Located in Chinatown
388 Ninth Street
between Franklin & Webster Streets
Oakland, CA 94607

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

How Much:
All Donations are Appreciated!
Youth: $3-$5
Adults: $5-$20
Sliding scale

Check out AYPAL’s past May Arts!
AYPAL 10th Annual May Arts

Funding Made Possible By: 
  • Akonadi Foundation
  • Grousbeck Family Foundation
  • Lunar Giving Circle, AAPIP
  • Oakland Fund for Children & Youth
  • Penney Family Fund
  • Surdna Foundation
  • Victor & Lorraine Honig Fund

If you are unable to attend AYPAL’s May Arts Festival & would still like to support,
please consider making a donation to AYPAL online!


Youth Persistent in Getting More Funding for Oakland Schools!

6 AYPAL Youth Leaders along with organizational members of the CQE were in Sacramento weighing in on statewide educational policy.

On March 19, AYPAL was back in Sacramento to advocate for the weighted student formula in the Governor’s Budget. Students shared their personal stories and pushed for a more equitable school funding system at the Assembly Budget Sub-Committee on Education. Here are some excerpts from the testimonies our leaders gave:

“[The weighted student formula] would make Oakland public schools work more for students and that would change a lot of people’s lives. Take my little brother for example, I really want better for him. We both come from a low income family. If they target low-income youth, my brother can break the cycle of poverty in my family. He could have everything that I couldn’t get. He could have all the resources, all the classes, all the activities! I want him to feel he can make it. I want him to know that he can make it. I think we should prioritize low income and ELL students. ”
– Tommy Phan (AYPAL Youth Intern, Sophomore at Oakland High School)

“I believe if no more money is given to education, at schools like mine courses are going to be cut, cut and cut. There won’t be any more electives or AP classes given to us, and basically we will have the core classes and this doesn’t prepare students for college. The school district is setting us up for failure in college.”
– Ryan Tern (AYPAL Youth Intern, Junior at  Fremont High School)


To see the entire hearing click here.

AYPAL collaborates with OUSD for API Parent Conference – May 5

Asian & Pacific Islander Parent Conference
Information, Knowledge and Action to Plan for
College and Careers Now!

Providing information to empower Asian & Pacific Islander parents and students to take action for their education

Saturday, May 5, 2012
*9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
*8:30am Breakfast
Garfield Elementary School
1620 22nd Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606 

Light breakfast and lunch – Childcare – Translation – Transportation – Raffle and Prizes

Information to be presented:

The K-12 Roadmap: Pre-K through high school graduation

  • “New Kindergarten Requirements”: Pre-K to K Transition Programs & OptioN
  • “Preparing for Graduation and College”: New OUSD Graduation Requirement
  • “Linked Learning”: Career Academies and Pathways in High School
“Parents as Partners”:  Supporting Learning at Home

For more information contact Family, Schools, Community Partnerships Department:
Carolyn Delfino, VISTA Volunteer Coordinator, 510-434-7766 ext 234

Please Register Online:


Save-the-date: May Arts Festival 2012

As AYPAL moves forward making positive changes in our schools, what grounds our work, inspires our youth and allows us to outreach to the larger API community is our May Arts Festival that will be on Thursday, May 17, 2012PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!

The youth have been busy learning, practicing and creating various performing arts: cultural dance, hip-hop dance, spoken word, and guerrilla theater. We’ve learned that through art, youth learn ethnic traditions and histories, while finding creative and empowering ways to discuss current issues and express themselves! Performances will include Cambodian, Mien, Filipino and Pacific Islander dances, guerilla theater, videos, and more.

WHAT: AYPAL’S 14th annual May Arts Festival

WHERE: OACC – 388 Ninth Street, Suite 290, Oakland, CA 94607

WHEN: Thursday, May 17, 2012. Doors open at 5:30, show starts at 6 pm.

 Please bring your check books to participate in our silent auction in the lobby area!

$3 for youth; $5-$20 for adults  *** No one turned away for lack of funds! ***

Our youth need your help to have an amazing event! We need to raise $5000 before May 17th to help pay for cultural teachers, costumes, and other event expenses! Donate here to support youth art activism!