Campaign for Quality Education

Campaign for Quality Education (CQE), is a statewide alliance of over 100 organizations dedicated to racial justice in the state education system. The CQE brings together the power of student and parent-led community organizations with research, legal, and advocacy groups to fight for better schools for all students in California.

Meaningful Student Engagement Collaborative

The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Meaningful Student Engagement Collaborative partners with Oakland youth serving organizations to develop strategies to ensure a critical mass of youth be informed, provide input, and be meaningfully engaged in leadership and decision-making opportunities. The Meaningful Student Engagement Collaborative works to transform OUSD student leadership into a more representative and effective body.

API Community Response Plan

The API Community Response Plan (CRP) group is a network of community service providers in Oakland, California, that work with API youth and their families. NCCD received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to establish the Asian & Pacific Islander Youth Violence Prevention Center (API Center). The CRP group is a key part of the API Center, which has expanded and now operates as the Center on Culture, Immigration, and Youth Violence Prevention.

Movement Generation Crossroads Project

Movement Generation Crossroads Project aims to link organizers and trainers in the Bay Area Racial and Economic Justice movements with ecological and environmental justice analyses and struggles. For more information, visit Movement Generation online.