AYPAL Testifies at OUSD Meeting

See what Meaningful Student Engagement organizations have to say, as we testify at the Oakland Unified School Board meeting.

USSF 2010 – Day 3 Update

Video diary of day 3 in Detroit for the 2010 USSF:

  • API Gathering
  • Detroit Tour
  • Vincent Chin’s grave site
  • Asian & Pacific Islanders coming together to build, organize and network.

USSF 2010 – Day 2 Update

Video diary of day 2 in Detroit for the 2010 USSF:

  • Opening Ceremony

USSF 2010 – Day 1 Update

Video diary of our first day in Detroit for the 2010 USSF:

  • Greektown
  • Downtown Detroit
  • Talks with the local community
  • Prep for the week long experience!

Another World Is Possible, Another U.S. Is Necessary

Save Vital Youth Programs in Oakland

Fund Empowerment not Violence
Music by Power Struggle

AYPAL’s 10th May Arts Festival Recap

AYPAL’s cultural arts and social justice work includes:

  • AYPAL Guerilla Theater
  • Cambodian Stick Dance
  • Chinese Ribbon Dance
  • Chinese Fan Dance
  • Poly Dance
  • Spoken Word
  • Youth Videos

Video also touches briefly on the Violence Prevention Campaign to fight for more after school programs for youth in Oakland, and reduce the violence in the community.

AYPAL Violence Prevention Campaign Wrap Up

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